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Sometimes Self Service Works best!

This is probably my favorite sexual memory from around 10 years ago. I was on a perfect vactaion on a tropical island with the one and only true love of my life. We were in a small hut on an isolated area with our private beach. Room service a call away but never seen unless requested. We were drunk already in the mid afternoon, plus on excasty which I think is the best drug ever invented, and we were walking and swimming naked in the ocean, only wearing wraps back to our place. Bryan sat on the outdoor furniture and proceeded to put on a private show just for me. Slowly rubbing himself and opening up and then proceeded to jerk off and finger fuck himself while staring me in the eyes the whole time. The need to be filled so urgent he tried to get his own fist in and did manage 6 fingers, gaping open for my pleasure. I was frozen in my spot and time crawled, and that perverted movie was burned into my mind for what I hope is to my last breathe. I drank in every inch of him, every hair on his body, and the way his ass truned red as he continued and his balls drawing up tight. The spasms that shook his body as he came, never losing eye contact to me. I was on him in a flash scooping up his cum for lube, and fucked him like I had never fucked before. It wasn't making love, it was a hard brutal fuck! Furniture turning over, drinks spilling, both of us reduced to thrusting beasts, no real words could come out, just grunts, punches, slaps, and fucking. I wasted his ass and hea was punching and trying to crawl and Ihad him in a headlock and then he surrendered, rolled over, and started biting at my pecs like a vampire. Brutally we meshed, me doing everything I could to crawl into him cock first. It could not have lasted more than 5 minutes but it was the only time we both came together from fucking and one of the few times I topped him.
When finished we were coated in sweat, my nose and his lips were bleeding, not sure if I blacked out or if my sight just shut off a bit, it was really something of an out of body experience. My legs and his whole back and body bleeding with scrapes from the wood deck we were on and my pecs were bruised for 10 days. Apparantly we had an audience too, them rushing in from the noise we made, and one of the attendands blew a load untouched in his shorts from it. We were inseparable after that until his drug addictions became too much and I had to choose between my sanity or him.

Bryan looked very much like Lars in the post below. I have not figured out the ethnic mix for them but it is my favorite male body style. Always brown hair, always hairy with it laying flat in patterns all over the body, sinewy, and almost always green eyes. If I had drawn a man from a pick list it would have been my Bry. The oldest son on 7th heaven is very much like this and the nephew in Mr. Magoo. Very rare, but painfully beautiful to look at and hard even to love.

Perfect Lars - My Perfect Man

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